Sponsor a Scholar

Each summer we receive a large number of requests for Scholarships. As an organization comprised of teachers, it is hard for us to turn any student away from a positive learning experience. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer as many scholarships as there are students deserving of them. Help us support a scholarship student, or nominate and sponsor a student with a love or talent for writing.

To donate or nominate a student please email us at bawp@berkeley.edu

Jennifer lesson

We’ve witnessed the remarkable impact of our camps for scholarship students.  Please help us reach more children who would not have this opportunity with you and your support:

Scholarship Application Letter – Grade 5:
I want to go to writing camp,
to let my real self out.
To explore new worlds
with imagination.
I want to go to writing camp.
I want to go to writing camp,
to educate all others,
and show my skills in new ways,
one story each of the days.
I want to go to writing camp.
I want to go to writing camp,
the heater warming my brain
for another run
of writing about the sun.
To let my heart roam wild,
take in new lands.
I want to go to writing camp.

Teacher recommendation:
“C went above and beyond my expectations for her as a writer. Many times during the school year she brought in work that had been done at home to share. Writing in a wide variety of styles, C brought everything from fashion magazines that she had written, illustrated and edited, to fantasy stories to a classroom newspaper in which she wrote about events going on at the school.

Other than being a fantastic writer, C is a fantastic human being. She is thoughtful, caring, a hard worker and a collaborative group member. I recommend her without reservation to be given the  opportunity to attend this camp and find the quality of her work worthy of a scholarship.”


A’s Scholarship Application Letter – grade 4:
“I want to go to this writing camp to become a better writer. I also have to work on my vocabulary. I hope this will be a great experience for me as a young writer. I want to learn how to write anything that includes writing.”

A’s teacher recommendation:
“A is a very attentive and careful student. She takes time for delving deeper into her learning and applies herself to her assignments with a maturity beyond her years. A is dedicated to improving her vocabulary. A’s parents are learning English and have instilled in her a wish to collect interesting and specific words. She is a new student to our class and she has connected with several students. Although she has a quiet manner, she is always an active participant in our class activities.”

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