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BAWP Youth Programs Online Code of Conduct and Policies

REQUIRED FOR ALL STUDENTS: Online Code of Conduct Agreement Form (pdf)

Optional: Family Pledge (pdf)

Welcome to the Bay Area Writing Project Camps!

We are excited to share the world of creative writing with your child this summer. Below you will find information on key topics that you and your child should review together and acknowledge before your child begins his/her camp experience.

→Items that must be turned in before camp
→Camp Information

  • Staff
  • Scholarships
  • Cancellations
  • Prorated Camp Fees
  • Transfers
  • Wait list
  • What to bring to camp
  • Medications and other medical needs Camp Arrival and Dismissal Policies

→Camp Arrival and Dismissal Policies

  • Arrival
  • Absences
  • Pick-up
  • Late pick-up

→Additional Policies and Information

  • Emergency procedures
  • Camper behavior
  • Child abuse prevention and reporting

Items that must be turned in before the start of camp

Most registration methods include the below forms. If they do not, they will be emailed to the address you provided during registration.

  1. Complete Registration Form and submit full payment
  2. Emergency Form
  3. Approved Pick-up Form
  4. Internet Use Form
  5. UCB Photo and Video Release Form
  6. Neighborhood Walk Permission Form
  7. Waiver of Liability Form

Camp Information


All of our camp leaders are experienced teachers who have participated in the Bay Area Writing Project’s competitive Summer Institute here at UC Berkeley.


We offer a limited number of partial scholarships. In order for your child to be considered for this award, please complete the 2020 YWC Scholarship Application Packet // 2020 HS Writing Course Scholarship Application and submit it to: Scholarships – 2121 Berkeley Way Berkeley, CA 94720-1670 by Friday, May 1, 2020. Applicants will be notified by Friday, May 15, 2020. Please email the office with any questions –

Scholarship applicants, please get your applications in as soon as possible so ensure you save a spot in camp. Teacher recommendations can arrive after the initial application. Please email the office with any questions –


All cancellations must be made through the main Bay Area Writing Project Office. Credit Card payment refunds do not include the processing fees charged by the registration website.

$50 will be retained by BAWP for all cancellations made before 6/1/2020. $100 will be retained by BAWP for all cancellations made on or after 6/1/2020.

No refunds will be issued on or after the Friday before the start of camp. (Example: If camp begins on 6/15 refunds will not be available for any cancellations made 12:01am and after on the 6/12.) Refunds are for the cost of camp only and do not include the online registration and credit card fees.

Due to UC Berkeley rules and regulations a vendor file must be created for any person who receives any form of payment (in this case a reimbursement) from the UC system. You can review the vendor application HERE. You must confirm cancellations in writing with the BAWP office before submitting any paperwork.

Please feel free to contact the office with questions at any point during this process –

Prorated Camp Fees

We do not offer prorated fees for any missed camp days. This includes vacation days, sick days, starting camp late or leaving camp early.


Transfers to a different Bay Area Writing Project camp are granted on an availability basis. Contact the office to find out if your intended change is a possibility.

Wait List 

Once a camp is full, a camper can be placed on the waiting list. Deposits are not required. You will be contacted only if space becomes available. Contact the office if you would like to be added to a wait list.

What to bring to camp

Campers should bring a backpack that includes:

  1. A healthy snack (and lunch if you are staying for an afternoon session)
  2. Water Bottle or Beverage
  3. Those attending the 1 or 2-week camps should also bring a lunch

We provide all other necessary supplies. Please remember to label all belongings.

What not to bring to camp

  1. Valuables: money, video games, iPods, cell phones or any other valuable items (Some of our tech camps may allow personal devices that are being used for camp)

The Bay Area Writing Project is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Medications and other Medical needs

If your child has special medical needs, please inform the Bay Area Writing Project office before camp begins. If medications need to be administered, we will require a written note with detailed directions and dosages. All medication will be administered by our camp teachers.

Camp Arrival and Dismissal Policies


Supervision and arrival for camp begins 10 minutes before the official start of camp. Teachers will be available to accept campers at the site’s designated arrival spot from 10 minutes before camp until the start of camp. Access to camp buildings may be limited after camp begins. Please make late arrival arrangements in advance with the site teachers.


It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to notify the camp site teachers of any late arrivals or camp absences. A site phone number and email address will be provided on the first day during parent orientation. The Bay Area Writing Project will not grant refunds for camp days missed due to tardiness, illness or other reasons.

Pick Up 

Please pick up your campers on time. Staff is only available for 10 minutes after the end of camp. An approved pick-up list must be completed before the start of camp. The names indicated on each campers form will be the only people authorized to pick the camper up. In the event that a parent/guardian would like to add another name to the list after submitting the form, a email or written note handed to the teacher will be sufficient.

Late Pick Up

The Bay Area Writing Project late pick up policy: A late pick-up fee of $20.00 with an additional $1.00 for each minute will be charged beginning 10 minutes after the end of camp. Late fees will raise to $2.00 per minute if the camper has been picked up late more than twice. A camper may be dropped from the program at the discretion of the main office. Please be courteous and pick up your camper on time. We do not have the staffing available to stay late with your camper. All late payments must be provided upon arrival and paid directly to the teacher.

Additional Policies & Information

Emergency Procedures

Each camp site will have both a contact phone number as well as a camp email address. In the event of an emergency that requires medical attention, 911 will be contacted and the camper will be taken to the nearest medical facility. The parent or guardian will be notified immediately. In the event of a natural disaster campers will continue to be in the care of the Bay Area Writing Project until arrangements are made to return children to their parents/guardians.

Camper Behavior

In the event of a behavioral problem, site teachers will have a conversation with parents/guardians to try to resolve the issue. The Bay Area Writing Project reserves the right to contact the parent/ guardian at any time for immediate pick-up from camp if necessary. The Bay Area Writing Project may remove any camper from the program at the discretion of the main office if problematic behavior continues.
Behaviors that may result in disciplinary action include but are not limited to:

  • Fighting
  • Swearing
  • Bullying Behaviors (verbal, physical or written intimidation or threats, including ‘cyber-bullying’)
  • Shoving, pushing or other aggressive acts
  • Disrespect for another person and/or property
  • Harassment (verbal, physical, sexual)
  • Throwing of objects (i.e. rocks)
  • Violation of site rules and boundaries
  • Vandalism

Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting

The state requires that any suspected incidents of child abuse be immediately reported to the Department of Social Services for further investigation. All employees are mandated child abuse reporters.