About Us

group002bJoin students throughout the Bay Area in becoming a better writer this summer!

Summer 2022 marks the 25th year for the Bay Area Writing Project’s (BAWP) Young Writers Camps, one of the most desirable summer enrichment camps in the area.

Sponsored by the Bay Area Writing Project of UC Berkeley, the camps offer kids a unique opportunity to develop their creative abilities and writing talents. In a relaxed camp atmosphere, campers will receive specific writing instruction and conference individually with staff to build and reinforce their writing skills. The camps are for students who like to write! They are not remedial writing camps. Students will have time to explore their writing interests, discover their strengths, and learn more about the craft of writing. The camps provide in-depth writing instruction, extended periods of writing time, flexibility in writing projects, and daily time to share writing with peers.

The camp curriculum features lively, inventive and engaging activities that let students explore and take writing risks that they might not in a traditional school setting. At the same time, the curriculum supports the new Common Core State Standards, which all instructors are versed in. We firmly believe that the camp experience carries over to the school year, particularly in students’ new knowledge about how to write, new confidence in their writing ability, and the simple but all-important motivation to write.