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We are excited to offer an online payment option for our Teen Writing Camps. Please note that additional credit card and processing fees (of $22.30) are included in the total online fee. To avoid these additional fees, you can submit payment by check through the mail.  Please email bawp@berkeley.edu with any questions.

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Teen Writing Camps (students entering 9th – 12th):

Courses at UC Berkeley 

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2017 Course Descriptions: (Programs for 2018 are not yet finalized)

Scenes by Teens: Intro to Dramatic Writing 
Have an idea for a movie or a play? Don’t have an idea, but want a chance to find one? This course focuses on the building blocks of dramatic writing — character, plot, dialogue, and conflict. Through writing exercises and feedback sessions, you’ll craft and develop a series of scenes and get started on your own scripts. At the end of the week-long workshop, we’ll have an informal reading of your work. No previous dramatic writing experience necessary.

Backpack Journalist: 21st century reporting
Journalism is changing. No longer confined to a newsroom, journalists report from cafes, street corners, and sports venues and all over the world. Hone your skills in this class so that you are ready to report on the go.
In this course we will explore the fundamentals of writing a strong article for the public eye. This includes developing reporting skills by learning to write breaking and hard news stories,  personality profiles, and opinion pieces, such as columns, editorials and reviews.

Sports Writing and Reporting
Every young sports fan at one point seems to have the ideal job in mind: sports journalist. But a lot more goes into being a sports writer than watching your favorites teams for free.
In this course we will explore the fundamentals of being a sports journalist. This includes writing compelling game stories on a tight deadline, identifying and developing interesting and in-depth athletic profiles, and establishing a unique voice for sports opinion columns.

Flash Fiction
Flash fiction is short! 500-750 words that tell a story. We will practice immersive and craft techniques or exercises borrowed from drama to produce work during and outside of the class, and follow a more in depth workshopping model in which participants question their own text, share it with others, and get feedback from a group setting. We will also explore opportunities for submission/publication.

Rebellious Writing: Using the pen for social commentary
We will play with drama, spoken word, creative nonfiction, conceptual art, satire, and essay to unleash the social critic in us all. You will have the chance to write about your obsessions in pop culture: music, movies, art, celebrity, controversy, and viral/digital commentary. Love it- hate it? Nothing is safe from our lens. This is a class for opinionated risk-takers who aren’t afraid to tell it like they see it. Come find your people here. Course fee includes technology costs.

The Personal Statement: From Zero to Bang! in 5 Days (Session 1, Session 2 and Drake HS)
Excited about college, but scared of writing the personal statement for the application? Not sure how to show off your strengths without looking like, well, a show-off? Want to stand out as an individual without coming across as a weirdo? Struggle with writing in a way that is clear and coherent, yet innovative and interesting? Then this is the workshop for you! You will walk out of this workshop with a draft of your personal statement for both the Common Ap and the UCs. Just imagine, you could start your senior year with THIS crossed off your “To Do” List!

Engage and Write
This course is centered on YA (young adult) fiction and non-fiction. Mornings are spent engaging in writing activities on and around campus. These activities are designed to help us craft an article, short story or children’s book based on our experience. Integrated within the engage and write sessions are activities for improving your writing craft and using technology to enhance your writing. Participants that have a laptop are encouraged to bring it as we will explore some online publishing tools such as iBook.

Academic Writing: Developing Craft and Critical Thinking 
This academic course prepares high school students to engage writing across multiple genres. Key skills gained are: ability to decode writing assignments, understand the key features of most assigned genres of writing, developing self-assessment strategies and routines for engaging complex text, and developing a writing style.
Participants will engage a range of texts and will be required to write daily. Success in the course is demonstrated through an increased ability to decode and respond to writing prompts.

Tell your own story: Creative Writing 101
Do you have stories to tell? Characters in your head? A notebook full of scenes? This summer, join other creative writers in reading short stories and creative nonfiction that break the rules, and discover how to write your own story.
During this course you’ll have the opportunity to hack the techniques published writers use to tell their stories, like building unforgettable characters, unexpected scenes, and beautiful detail, and practice using these techniques yourself. We’ll spend time reading, writing, and workshopping together.

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